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Dual Fuel Power System – BioWATT Fuel Savings Solution
The Dual Fuel BioWATT Power System principle is based on adding gas to the engine BENEFITS Substantial Fuel Savings & Operational cost Substitute up to 70 % of your diesel Reduce your operational costs substantially How it works Generator engines are typically governed and therefore must maintain the same RPM at all times, when an alternative energy (the gas) is introduced to the governed engine there is simply less energy (or power) required to be delivered by the engine’
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Valutazione Fattibilita' di un Impianto e Calcolo della Redditivita'

I nostri specialisti valuteranno le rese effettive che si potranno ottenere dalle risorse a Vostra disposizione
Audit Energetico Assistito, Calcolo Redditivita', Convenienza Investimento per realizzare il miglior Impianto