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The 13th China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating sets Exhibition 2014

APR 2014
The 13th China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating sets Exhibition 2014
Shanghai, China

The 13th China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating Sets Exhibition will continue to be held on April 8-10, 2014 at Shanghai New International Expo Center. “POWER” exhibition founded in 2002, has deeply won industry recognition and trust for its deep work in internal combustion generation industry for over 10 years.

Every year manufacturers,traders from around the world gather here to carry out technical exchanges, business cooperation and trade sourcing. The last exhibition area reached 14,000sq.m. There were 174 exhibitors to exhibit and it received 11,673 audience, the scale and quantity of visitors created the best record beyond previous sessions.

In order to attract relevant enterprises involved in industry chain to attend, and promote positive interactions between exhibitors and visitors, starting in year 2013, China four electric power brand exhibitions “the 7th China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition and Conference”, “the 13th China International Electric Power & Electric Engineering Technology Exhibition”, “the 3rd China International Smart Grid Technology and Equipment Exhibition” and “the 12th China (Shanghai) International Power and Generating sets Exhibition” were collectively held over the same time and at the same place, it has created electric power exhibition clusters hand in hand together, meanwhile created and utilized synergies to provide a stronger value orientation for exhibitors, visitors, media and cooperation units. Through this move, next exhibition area is bound to be more than 50,000sq.m, and the quantity of live buyers is estimated to be over 30,000.

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