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Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit

JUN 2014
Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit

IRN, organiser of High-Profile Summits across the world, is pleased to announce the Iran Oil & Gas Summit, taking place in June 2014. The high-level meeting will bring together experienced IOCs in the Middle East along with world famous experts to discuss pressing business issues around the long overdue normalisation of trade relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, addressing key opportunities for development of the Iranian Oil and Gas sector and highlighting areas for greater international cooperation.

Iran Oil & Gas 2014 Summit
23-25 JUNE 2014 | Dubai

IRN launched the New Libya Oil & Gas Forum, now in its 3rd year, among many other world class Summits, including the Ireland Oil & Gas Summit and the Cypriot-Greek Oil & Gas Summit. IRN Summits attract the highest level of delegation from companies including Shell, Chevron, Total, Saudi Aramco, as well as being hosted with full Governmental Endorsement and support.

At the Iran Oil & Gas Summit, IRN will host two days of top level discussions on the most stable oil producer in the Middle East to identify all the opportunities for European, American and other international companies, who can fully gauge the investment environment, current legislation and implications, technology for E&P, transportation and refineries, and decide on their dynamic entry strategy to the oil and gas industry.

The Summit will host more than 20 International speakers including renowned IOCs, as well as local oil and gas companies, experts, and senior officials.

It’s high time to discuss how to get advantage of the opportunities offered to international players; It’s time to assess the technology needed to move forward and new transportation routes for the country holding the world’s largest conventional hydrocarbon reserves.

Future projects and activities will be discussed, analysed and evaluated for you to comprehend and decide your involvement in the most promising oil producing country in the world.

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