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HANNOVER MESSE 2014 – Get new technology first

APR 2014
HANNOVER MESSE 2014 – Get new technology first
Hannover, Germany

The world’s leading showcase for industrial technology in Hannover, Germany.
7-11 April 2014

Energy & Environmental Engineering

The energy transition is surely one of the most important issues of the future – and not just for politicians. Making the shift from finite raw materials to sustainable energy production is unavoidable, and yet the various means to implementation are extremely varied. The existing system based on a few large power plants must be supplanted, or at least supplemented, by hundreds of thousands of small power plants using natural gas, solar, wind and biomass energy. Power and data grids must be extensively adapted and expanded. HANNOVER MESSE 2014 illuminates how this energy system transformation can be made possible: a quarter of all exhibitors are involved with energy production, distribution or storage.

It is also increasingly important for industry to use resources more efficiently and manufacture with less environmental impact, to remain competitive. International companies and research institutes showcase the wide range of technologies for implementing “green manufacturing,” and how they can even ensure long-term cost advantages. Focus areas include air purification, water treatment, recycling management and recycling as well as environmentally friendly manufacturing technology.

Experience the energy of tomorrow; experience the energy of HANNOVER MESSE 2014!


  • Industrial Automation & IT, Digital Factory
  • Energy & Environmental Engineering
  • MobiliTec & IndustrialGreenTec
  • Industrial Subcontracting, Industrial Supply
  • Research, Development & Technology


  • Industrial Automation & IT
  • Energy & Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Subcontracting
  • Research & Development
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